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Tournament Young And Famous Winter Special

Tournament Young And Famous Winter Special

Tournament Young And Famous Winter Special

Applauses greeted Rodion Voschanov, the winner of tournament Young And Famous Winter Special, which was held on February 1 at the poker club "Khreschatyk". Everyone wanted to get the grand prize - a trip to Prague.

Player who took the second place  - Alexander Vugman, didn’t want give up till the end, but the faith put everything in its place. Third gambler, who left the final table was Ilya Babenko, who got to the top ten with the shortest stack and had five winning all ins in a row, this made him the chip leader, but, nevertheless, he lost his chips to the winner. The fact that among the finalists there were 3 beautiful girls Sabina Krezhenstovskaya, Valerie Kumeyko and Anna Cordoba brightened the game.

Also good game demonstated: Oleg Drofa, Eugene Kurulenko and Andrei Kudryavtsev. The tournament was held in great friendly atmosphere. Nice game, a spirit of excitement in the air, laughter of chic ladies ... what could be better? Beautiful girls pleased the eye: stunning outfits, shiny diamonds, gleaming smile, men in suits and white shirts – the tournaments is simply great. Charming girl Dj Amely set up the great mood.

The treats from the Chef and cocktails - pleased even the most demanding guests. All the players were delighted and could not praise enough "Khreschatyk" for this great tournament! We expected 100 poker players, but in the end there were 108 registrations and about 40 guests. Young and Famous Winter Special – is the truly unique series.

Poker Club "Khreschatyk" proved that poker - is not just a sport, but a cult, exciting game and unforgettable emotions!



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